Nirvana’s Nevermind Launched 20 Years Ago

Thanks to Kevin Estrada for use of this picture! Note black and yellow DGC promo shirt at right

Twenty years ago this week, Nirvana was in the midst of making history even while preparing to unleash their single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and the album Nevermind on the world. As college and metal radio […]

Kurt Cobain Didn't Want to Be a Guitar Hero

I never saw Kurt Cobain on stage without a guitar, or pieces of one.

I wrote a post yesterday in reaction to the Guitar Hero clip but since it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, I felt I needed to share my feelings in greater detail. This is such a horrendous […]

Big Mouth (Courtney Love) Strikes Again

Ironically, a huge story about my Beatles, Nirvana, and another video game, Guitar Hero 5, broke this afternoon. In the latest Activision title, the brooding Generation X spokesman, Kurt Cobain, was turned into front man for Bon Jovi, Public Enemy and many others through obnoxious use of technology and rights secured from his estate.


Kurt D. Cobain – 15 Years Gone

It’s hard to believe it but 15 years ago today, Seattle and the friends and family of Kurt Cobain commemorated him in a huge public gathering and a secret, private memorial service. I happened to have been at the private service, as I knew Kurt Cobain and worked with Nirvana at DGC Records a year […]

Punisher – "War Zone" opens today

Punisher – War Zone, the latest from Marvel Comics, opens today. I was a big fan and am just as into the movies the company has been turning out over the past decade or so. The only ones I haven’t seen are the Blade movies, but that’s because I wasn’t into the comic books. Incidentally, […]