Cars of the Present: the LincVolt and SolarTaxi

The embattled Detroit auto executives could really get America excited if they pulled up to Congress in a LincVolt or SolarTaxi.

Farm Aid Director Neil Young is pushing the LincVolt, with a mind towards retrofitting our cars to run on batteries and compressed gas. That could be a big industry, and we will need to do something with all the existing cars. It’s a bit expensive. For more info, check out this article.

Neil Young shows off the LincVolt:

Neil Young’s tour with Wilco begins tomorrow in Toronto!

Now let’s check out the SolarTaxi…

I’m into no re-fueling, no infrastructure, except the Sun. It seems like that’s what the Solar Taxi has in mind, dragging its own solar cell around the country. You can picture long flat cars (or really wide ones that look like SkyLab), and in fact on, you can see video of the car in Monument Valley like on the Chevy commercials.

Here’s the SolarTaxi in Ottawa:

Speaking of Chevy commercials, I heard that GM will not be advertising during the Super Bowl. The Rosenfelder Index (the accrued cost of buying one of everything advertised during the game) will most definitely reflect the state of the country very dramatically. “As GM goes, so goes the country”… doesn’t anyone remember that?

We all know the only real solution to the US economy would be an energy revolution. It’s one of the only things we can count on the rest of the world buying from us at a premium, giving the country a chance to un-W itself.

(I use “W” as a verb defined as “the process and stupidity behind taking a healthy and profitable venture, and making it ethically and financially decrepit.”

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