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If you haven’t been to (“The Global Music Radar”) and blipped or tweeted a few tunes, I recommend you give the link a click and have some fun with music.  The site enables the user to look up any record and play it for the other folks on the site as well as just to listen to other people’s choices.  After some time on the site and your groups of listeners and djs grows, you will have people who have similar taste to share music with (from anywhere!).

My page is located here.

A scroll of all the songs and the associated intros rolls by, and you can let it play on its own or pick which songs you want to hear.  With an endless supply of records and a very egalitarian way to share access to them, is a device that enables people who want to get their opinion of music out to the world.

And it seems to be pretty popular/functional so far, especially with its integration feature easily spreading your music choices across many “properties” (as Scott Perry referred to Facebook, Twitter, etc.). matches you to other folks who have played those songs, a.

Then remembers all these lists and tendencies, and allows you to award “props” to djs who play songs you like and add them as a “listener.”  One of the fun but potentially lame aspects of the site is this idea of competitive social networking in which badges are put on profiles of djs with a 50+ listeners.  In real life, we only take music advice from 15-20 people at most.

But you can also have a very “familiar” or “personal” experience (especially with a more limited list), as you can sort the listening scroll by friends, and have a very precise idea of what you are going to hear.

I wish the folks at the best!

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