Google Music Beta Launches

Google Music Beta is the name of the search/advertising giant’s long-awaited cloud storage and listening service. I was fortunate to attend the Google I/O Extended meeting in the company’s New York headquarters to see the presentations, and they were impressive. First re-capping some of the announcements at the previous I/O conferences, then moving into a […]

Google Music Service to Be Announced Today?

After a long hiatus, the Earbender blog returns with a visit to the Google I/O Extended conference from the company’s New York headquarters. After a sumptuous buffet accompanied by oldies music by the Beach Boys and righteous brothers, a short intro from Vic Gundutra, we will soon see what the hubbub is.

Google has been […]

Swag I Have Known #2

(Courtesy of MySpace Music/Lisette Rioux Paulson)

One of the main reasons I am so enthusiastic about the convergence of entertainment and technology is the swag. Items like the iPhone case above are indicative of a lot of money being thrown around in hope of awareness, branding and other indirect effects. How many hits to […]

Who Has a Perfect iTunes Library?

Another happy customer: Jody Denberg & Apple TV

Someday by the end of the summer, I’m going to have a perfect iTunes libary. When it’s done (again), it will have all the proper art for the albums and no punctuation errors. I would also like to see all the duets consolidated into the main […]

Swag I Have Known #1 introduces a new series with the photo (at right) of a Phillies souvenir I obtained at a game with Jim Nelson and Meiko’s manager Mike Savage in 2008. Loosely entitled “Swag I Have Known,” the series will cull the best of my personal collection of items “curated” through years of being a sports/music/entertainment […]