Who Has a Perfect iTunes Library?

Another happy customer: Jody Denberg & Apple TV

Someday by the end of the summer, I’m going to have a perfect iTunes libary. When it’s done (again), it will have all the proper art for the albums and no punctuation errors. I would also like to see all the duets consolidated into the main […]

WOXY.com Streams Suspended

After their triumphant first SXSW based in Austin, the staff of WOXY once again received a disconnection notice from management. The crew, led by Matt Shiv, has weathered so many storms over the years, first as an FM that moved from Oxford to Cincinnati, then online. Last year, WOXY finally relocated to Austin with the […]

MOG All Access, An Unlimited Music Service, Launches

MOG's Music Player is easy to use

The music site MOG.com today launched All Access, a subscription service that enables fans to listen to any song in MOG’s library via broadband-powered streams. MOG had previously been a site that aggregated countless music blogs of every genre in a clean, fast-moving web environment.

I checked […]

The Music Timer: an Earbender Invention

We all have tasks that need to be timed, whether it’s cooking an egg, brushing our teeth or even exercising.

A few months ago, I realized that if I sang The Beatles song “I Will” in my head while brushing my teeth, that it would be an easy way to do it for about 2 […]

Blip.fm on the Wheels of Steel (or the Plastic keys of a Computer)

If you haven’t been to Blip.fm (“The Global Music Radar”) and blipped or tweeted a few tunes, I recommend you give the link a click and have some fun with music. The site enables the user to look up any record and play it for the other folks on the site as well as […]