Prince Rupert Retires: Made in the Shade Indeed

Keith Richards, Prince Rupert Lowenstein and Sir Mick Jagger snicker at Jay-Zs dynasty.

Keith Richards, Prince Rupert Loewenstein and Sir Mick Jagger snicker at Jay-Z's "dynasty."

Actually, “Everything’s Turning to Gold” is a more appropriate musical send-off for the legendary manager of the Rolling Stones, Prince Rupert Loewenstein, who resigned the post last Friday after 30+ years as the band’s top financial adviser.

And if you are a fan of the band, as I am, you know that finance has been the area of their greatest achievements over the second half of their career. No one talks about them as musicians or songwriters much when they go on tour, it’s all about the deals and grosses, which is why Prince Rupert is so damn important to their career.

Does this mean they won’t tour anymore? Are they going to announce an exclusive with Live Nation that would eliminate the need for future negotiations? Have the band retired as well?

No. The Rolling Stones just made a new record deal with Universal/Interscope, so we should at least expect a new raft of reissues with extra tracks from our friends at UME. And maybe even a good new album under Iovine? He’s one of the few that could pull them out of the Don Was rut they have been in for the past 15 years.  If so, Iovine would become one of the few to work with both The Beatles (John Lennon solo at least) and the Stones.

They need to make a great album, not another massive stadium tour with $50 t shirts. When I see Willie Nelson take on an arena with the Family, featuring Sister Bobbie on piano, Mickey Raphael on harmonica, Bee Spears on bass and Paul and Billy English playing one drum and percussion, I wonder why the Stones need such a big production with so many side people. Stripped is their best album of the past 15 years or so, and it’s an acoustic greatest hits live! Why not a whole album of blues covers now that they are around the age that Muddy was when he left us.

Most people agree Buddy Guy’s cameo was the highlight of Shine A Light, wouldn’t it be cool to hear them in a field in Mississippi?  Without competitive songs, they should abandon trying to have hit singles with cuts like “Streets of Love,” and Mick should announce the end of his solo career. That way, maybe Keith will give him one of his excellent ballads to sing.

Don’t despair guys; I will be happy to give the band money regardless of the management. Congratulations to Prince Rupert for a great career and many millions, several hundred of which were mine!

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