All Access Launches Adult Rock Initiative with John Schoenberger

The great and powerful John Schoenberger has returned!'s structure/info and Schoenberger's attitude/history is a winning combination

Congrats to our friend John Schoenberger, who has just joined the music and radio industry trade site as Triple A (or Adult Rock) editor.  John has a long history in the adult rock area, beginning as a promotion guy, then as an editor at Album Network, Radio and Records and finally Billboard when the two merged.

Being exclusively online could make a big difference for the format, because Schoenberger and his format are now both in a setting designed for the net and making use of social media.  There is a lack of authoritative coverage on adult rock, and it may turn into a page with influence.

But there is also cause for concern: the changing face of Triple A now includes Green Day and Pearl Jam.  It proves my point about popular artists “aging” their way into the format, but also calls attention to its lack of definition — most of these artists are shared with bigger, less distinctive formats.

This lack of cohesion (and balls) may not matter as much online.  Is it alternative gold, singer songwriter, or “thoughtful rock”?  The first “building” (mid-week) chart has a top five including David Gray, Dave Matthews, Ingrid Michaelson, U2 and the Kings of Leon.   Most added with four stations were Rodrigo y Gabriela, followed by Brandi Carlisle, Pete Yorn and over 30 more with one station each.

If this Triple A thing is going to grow, it will need more stations.  The numbers don’t add up (and aren’t improving for old white people).  But being on at least creates an audience for the statistics of Adult Rock/AAA, helps define itself for both potential station ownership/management and consumers who will come across their references.

Good Luck to AllAccess and John Schoenberger!

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