Swag I Have Known #1

Earbender.com introduces a new series with the photo (at right) of a Phillies souvenir I obtained at a game with Jim Nelson and Meiko’s manager Mike Savage in 2008. Loosely entitled “Swag I Have Known,” the series will cull the best of my personal collection of items “curated” through years of being a sports/music/entertainment […]

All Access Launches Adult Rock Initiative with John Schoenberger

AllAccess.com's structure/info and Schoenberger's attitude/history is a winning combination

Congrats to our friend John Schoenberger, who has just joined the music and radio industry trade site AllAccess.com as Triple A (or Adult Rock) editor. John has a long history in the adult rock area, beginning as a promotion guy, then as an editor at […]

Radio and Records Shut Down

Almost as soon as the news hit, Radio and Records’ site was gone

This afternoon, Radio and Records, a music industry bible for over 35 years, was shuttered by its parent Neilsen Research, owner of Billboard who had taken over its competitor a few years ago. It’s a real blow to folks like me […]