Playing for Change at K Earth

Playing for Change‘s visit to K Earth, the legendary oldies station of Los Angeles was an unexpected delight to have set up for this band of musicians from around the world. Based on the strong media resume of the project to date (Charlie Gibson, Conan, Leno, World Cafe) and always betting on a long shot, I made my appeal.

Since the talented producer of the Gary Bryan Morning Show, Samantha Stander, was already a fan of the group, it was a lot easier than normal. But I still had to explain to Super Sam how it could be packaged for their frenetic on air environment. Every media opportunity prior to K Earth had been a long-form public radio-style interview.

My points were content based, i.e., they gave Sam an idea of how the conversation could be constructed. Mark Johnson started the whole movement by filming street musician Roger Ridley on the Third Street Promenade in nearby Santa Monica, coincidentally singing a song that K Earth plays constantly, “Stand By Me.” Those were two audio segments that the K Earth audience could directly relate to. Samantha agreed to pitch it to Gary, who I also tweeted directly as a follow up.

To be technical, Playing for Change is YouTube-based content that became so massive it was made into cds, dvds, a tv special and tour. Once “traditional” media was created, Earbender was employed to get to radio stations. Joining the project on the eve of the tour was challenging, but we procured opportunity that had not been attained previously. Of course a tour means finding outlets but also those that are interested during the local window of availability.

You can see why I am so proud of Playing for Change’s appearance on to K Earth, one of the most traditional media outlets in the country. Their music content has been vetted by decades of research and refinement to create pure, unadulterated SOLID GOLD. Slipping Grandpa Elliot and Mark Johnson in there among the Beach Boys was quite an achievement for all of us.

Take a listen!

Playing for Change on K Earth, 11/13/09
Playing for Change on K Earth, 11/13/09

If anyone feels this audio shouldn’t be included here, please let me know. Otherwise, enjoy this great document from the 2009 Playing for Change tour. And keep listening to Gary Bryan, Super Sam and the gang on the K Earth Morning Show!

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