Playing for Change Live 2010

“We need to make the world a better place. We have one vision, and we have One Love.”

– Mark Johnson, Founder of Playing for Change

Playing for Change, the multi-national band, has reunited to perform a series of shows in celebration of their latest recording, Playing for Change Live, […]

Music and Sports Combine for World Unity

This weekend, the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament will begin at several stadiums in South Africa. This is the most popular sporting event worldwide, and after four years, the worldwide audience is eager to have all the arguments settled and a champion crowned. I think Italy won last time, and there was that controversial […]

Playing for Change at K Earth

Playing for Change‘s visit to K Earth, the legendary oldies station of Los Angeles was an unexpected delight to have set up for this band of musicians from around the world. Based on the strong media resume of the project to date (Charlie Gibson, Conan, Leno, World Cafe) and always betting on a long shot, […]

Playing for Change at WMSE Milwaukee

WMSE's blog is one of Clarence Bekker's best web hits!

As Earbender‘s chronicle of media hits from the Playing for Change tour rolls on, here’s a unique story based at WMSE, Milwuakee.

WMSE, based at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, is an old, respected and highly competitive college radio. Music director Mike “Buzz” Bereiter […]

Playing for Change Visits WRNR Annapolis

Titi Tsira, Jason Tamba and Mermans Kenkosenke sang at WRNR, Annapolis

A stripped down version of Playing for Change stopped by Triple A station WRNR on the day of their show in Annapolis. Thanks to morning man/md Alex Cortright for the booking and Erika Duffee for this great photo.

As […]