Artie Lange "Hurt"

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In December, Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange tried to join “that stupid club” (Wendy Cobain’s term) of great young artists who have died, by stabbing himself (according to the NY Post).

I’m posting this video because I love him and I hope he recovers. Perhaps you recall Johnny Cash‘s poignant video for his cover of “Hurt”? The one where he is old and decrepit, presiding over a feast, spliced together with scenes from his life story? Cash’s performance is no joke – the choice of song and its spare arrangement are some of Rick Rubin’s best work.

To see the song associated with a young talent, however, destroying himself in real time, is heartbreaking. Would John Belushi have had public episodes if there were more cameras and reality tv in his era? Would the cameras had followed him to the Blues Bar? Belushi might have given us a Michael Phelps moment weekly.

Hats off to the blog “” for their excellent work. I really hope Artie pulls through.

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