Stern's Sirius XM Decision Imminent

With just a few weeks left on his current Sirius XM contract, Howard Stern is entering a home stretch of star-studded appearances while we await news on the future of the show. He seems to be hinting at staying on satellite radio, but with the rise of internet, mobile and other distribution options, it’s […]

Artie Lange "Hurt"

In December, Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange tried to join “that stupid club” (Wendy Cobain’s term) of great young artists who have died, by stabbing himself (according to the NY Post).

I’m posting this video because I love him and I hope he recovers. Perhaps you recall Johnny Cash‘s poignant video for his cover […]

Fall Out Boy Web Activity Explodes for Release Week

The marketing campaign for Fall Out Boy’s new album Folie a Deux, released this week, is so massive it has even reached my doorstep/email box. I bet the whole thing has been underway for a while, but this week I feel I got crushed.

Something that caught my attention was the Marvel Comics interviewy […]