Keith Richards' "Life" – It's the Song, Not the Singer

Mr. Richards shows his sensitive side in "Life."

Keith Richards, my hero. The songs, the guitars, the money, the girls, the cars, houses in the islands, pharmaceutical-quality drugs in death-defying quantities. Throughout, he keeps writing great songs. He lives a seemingly simple life, with simple chord sequences played better than anyone. To paraphrase Julia […]

Artie Lange "Hurt"

In December, Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange tried to join “that stupid club” (Wendy Cobain’s term) of great young artists who have died, by stabbing himself (according to the NY Post).

I’m posting this video because I love him and I hope he recovers. Perhaps you recall Johnny Cash‘s poignant video for his cover […]

John Belushi for National Doughnut Day