Google Music Beta Launches

Google Music Beta is the name of the search/advertising giant’s long-awaited cloud storage and listening service. I was fortunate to attend the Google I/O Extended meeting in the company’s New York headquarters to see the presentations, and they were impressive. First re-capping some of the announcements at the previous I/O conferences, then moving into a theme of Momentum, Mobile and More, the main points were that Android is massive (4.6 billion worldwide activations, 400K/day, etc.); that they have just added movies, rentals and music to the refurbished Android store and More, which included Android at Home.

The music platform enables users to cache music when they will not have net access, instantly adds files based on RFID tagged retail packages and a few other nifty tricks. The main pitch is that it adds to convenience because “wires and loading music is painful.” Honestly, it’s no less painful than uploading thousands of songs which will take, how many days? I liked the service and features but the pitch seemed a little arrogant since another company has done all this already. Actually more than one probably.

Anyhow, Android at Home was really the wave of the future, which the phone now being a remote control for your entire home, including “traditional appliances.” I kept thinking how I would operate a can opener with a cell phone but then they said lightbulbs and stereos were being created with Android compatibility. Pretty cool even if they have re-created disco-lite speakers that change color. One great example of interoperability was Android being used on a treadmill to create a videogame on someone’s phone based on their workout data (running up a hill/maintaining pace/etc.).

Wait’ll it starts incorporating data to change or create playlists such as “the walk to work” or “Sunday afternoon.”

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