Google Music Beta Launches

Google Music Beta is the name of the search/advertising giant’s long-awaited cloud storage and listening service. I was fortunate to attend the Google I/O Extended meeting in the company’s New York headquarters to see the presentations, and they were impressive. First re-capping some of the announcements at the previous I/O conferences, then moving into a […]

Amazon Debuts Cloud Player for Music

Amazon is first to the cloud

Jon Bon Jovi’s appreciation for album covers and touching the media seem incompatible with this system to say the least. As music enters “the cloud,” it will become completely virtual.

For months, we’ve been hearing about Google’s impending locker service, Apple’s purchase of Lala and other rumors around […]

Swag I Have Known #1 introduces a new series with the photo (at right) of a Phillies souvenir I obtained at a game with Jim Nelson and Meiko’s manager Mike Savage in 2008. Loosely entitled “Swag I Have Known,” the series will cull the best of my personal collection of items “curated” through years of being a sports/music/entertainment […]