Elvis is King

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After a few years of pretty serious music from Elvis Costello, he has created the “Revolver” tour, a clever take on a “greatest hits”/career-overview set.  The tour is ending tonight at the Beacon Theater, and we can only hope there is a revival or second life for the event online.   As Elvis revives the arch, sardonic and often hilarious persona from his closet to bring us Napoleon Dynamite on Broadway, he reminds us longtime fans of made us love him in the first place.  His vitriol was balanced by occasional self-deprecating humor and always conveyed in the most sophisticated vocabulary in rock.

For those who didn’t get a chance to see it, ElvisCostello.com features a wheel that leads to streaming song samples, tour dates for festival shows this summer and extensive resources, such as every lyric.  What it doesn’t include, unfortunately, is a way for fans online to participate in the shows and for folks attending the shows to have a central place to share and discuss the event.  Seems to me the whole event is focused on his catalog and with a very dedicated and articulate fan base who were taking cellphone pictures and video throughout the show, that this tour could have been bigger for fans and the business.

Classic rock pundit Sal Nunziata called last night’s concert “one of the most exciting shows I’ve seen in a long time.” Check out the full review on his blog Burning Wood, here.

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