Elvis is King

After a few years of pretty serious music from Elvis Costello, he has created the “Revolver” tour, a clever take on a “greatest hits”/career-overview set. The tour is ending tonight at the Beacon Theater, and we can only hope there is a revival or second life for the event online. As Elvis revives the arch, […]

The Union of Elton John and Leon Russell Goes Public 10/19

Elton John and Leon Russell

The Union is the new album by Elton John and Leon Russell, a collaboration inspired during a conversation Elton had with Elvis Costello on the tv program Spectacle where he detailed the profound influence the Oklahoman had on his music in the early 70s. Today, the pair are also […]

Elvis Costello: Secret, Profane and Sugarcane Album Review, WRXP Event

Elvis singing in front of a painting depicting Diamond Jim Brady

Elvis Costello performed songs from his new album, Secret, Profane and Sugarcane last night at Jim Brady’s, a historic bar located in the financial district of Manhattan. Elvis chose the location due to its proximity to the former location […]

Music Taste vs. SAT Scores Shows USA's Decline

Digital researcher Virgil Griffith has struck gold with a simple formula that correlates your taste in music with SAT scores. According to the site Digital Inspiration, Griffith took data from facebook, including what college people went to and what their favorite bands were, and plotted them on a graph (seen below). The SAT scores used […]

Spectacle with Elvis Costello Debuts Tonight on Sundance

“Spectacle,” the new music and interview program hosted by Elvis Costello debuts tonight on the Sundance channel. The program features live music and repartee from Elvis and his guests, including such greats as Smokey Robinson, The Police, Elton John and James Taylor. As we all know, Elvis is intensely articulate and has been interviewed […]