Citibank to Sell EMI to UMG and Sony

"Electric & Musical Industries Ltd"

After many years of speculation, one of the oldest music companies, EMI will finally be broken up in Citibank’s imminent sale of its recording and publishing businesses to Universal and Sony.

It is a sad day for the music business, as we know what happens when Universal takes over […]

Elvis is King

After a few years of pretty serious music from Elvis Costello, he has created the “Revolver” tour, a clever take on a “greatest hits”/career-overview set. The tour is ending tonight at the Beacon Theater, and we can only hope there is a revival or second life for the event online. As Elvis revives the arch, […]

Rolling Stones' Exile on Main St. Deluxe Drops May 18

Exile on Main Street (Rolling Stones/UMe)

The Rolling Stones begin their new contract with Universal Music Group with the release of their album Exile on Main Street in a Deluxe Edition with bonus tracks. The of these unearthed songs, “Plundered My Soul” is at radio and on YouTube via a fan’s video after the jump. […]

Vevo, Major Labels' Video Site, Debuts Today

Vevo, the high quality internet video channel owned by two major record labels, is launching tonight.

Vevo’s blog has already posted a few videos, including a welcome message from Kid Cudi and original content from 50 Cent and Wyclef Jean. As promised by Doug Morris, head of Universal Music, Vevo’s video does seem to […]