Bjork’s Biophilia Matches Visuals and Music

Bjork is (briefly) limited to two dimensions on Biophilia's "cover" (Nonesuch)

As the convergence of the touch screen continues, futuristic music artist Bjork has created Biophilia, a new music album in the form of a series of iPad apps. In it, the music of Bjork is matched to various visual patterns that the user […]

Google Doodle for Dizzy Gillespie's 93rd Birthday

Dizzy Gillespie's Google Doodle

The second Google Doodle dedicated to a musician’s birthday debuted today, for Dizzy Gillespie. Once again, the doodle links to enhanced search results. With John Lennon‘s birthday just a few weeks ago, it seems like this is the company’s subtle way of inculcating its users to their upcoming Google Music […]