Keith Richards' "Life" – It's the Song, Not the Singer

Mr. Richards shows his sensitive side in "Life."

Keith Richards, my hero. The songs, the guitars, the money, the girls, the cars, houses in the islands, pharmaceutical-quality drugs in death-defying quantities. Throughout, he keeps writing great songs. He lives a seemingly simple life, with simple chord sequences played better than anyone. To paraphrase Julia […]

Google Doodle for Dizzy Gillespie's 93rd Birthday

Dizzy Gillespie's Google Doodle

The second Google Doodle dedicated to a musician’s birthday debuted today, for Dizzy Gillespie. Once again, the doodle links to enhanced search results. With John Lennon‘s birthday just a few weeks ago, it seems like this is the company’s subtle way of inculcating its users to their upcoming Google Music […]

John Lennon's 70

Google Doodle's John Lennon Tribute leads to amazing results

Let’s take a minute to stop and celebrate the Best Rock Musician of All Time, John Lennon sometime this week. His birthday, Saturday October 9, is being commemorated with various commercial releases, radio programs, concerts, custom guitars, social media campaigns, songwriting contests, books… possibly the […]

Paul McCartney "I've Got a Feeling" Live in NYC

Here’s a bit of flavor from the new Paul McCartney live album “Good Evening New York City,” filmed/recorded at CitiField in Flushing last summer. It was a great show and I have heard from several of my people that the recording quality is outstanding. The music/performance were pretty excellent from my cheap seats next to […]

John Lennon's 69 – Happy Birthday/TMI

You are STILL Here

How exciting to awaken on John Lennon’s birthday to the news that Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Even as the opposition carps against his ambitions in DC, the world recognizes that he is a transformational character.

John Lennon was certainly that type too, so it’s a […]