Playing for Change Disrupts

Last week I was at radio stations with the Playing for Change band, and I got bit distracted from the blog. In the coming months, I’ll be undergoing a technology upgrade which will enable me to log on remotely with greater reliability.

A few of the duties included attending their show at Town Hall on […]

Blogger Releases Data

Thanks to Mashable! for the news about Blogger’s long-awaited update allowing for easy import and export of data. Having recently migrated to WordPress myself, people immediately noticed and mentioned they would like to do the same with their page. Here is the info on how to do it.

There are some serious advantages to […]

Earbender's Clipmarks List

Clipmarks is a great site for documenting and organizing articles and pages from around the web. This page enables earbender to organize and share results of our campaigns with clients, but also the world, via a site that enables even more sharing via its categories, rankings and simply by being online instead of on a […] goes live

Glad I got this cooking. It’s been a long time coming that I had my own domain in sync w/this blog. B2B is next.

Montecito CA has been scorched


I Can Haz Hello world!

Hey there – welcome to the new home of Earbender – John Rosenfelder’s work and blog. A team of web monkeys is busy building the site, but grab the RSS feed for updates. You can email me at John [at] earbender [dot] com. Thanks!