Advice from God (aka Umpire Doug Harvey)

Doug Harvey in action

Umpire Doug Harvey was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday, after a long career making calls of ball or strike, out or safe and whether to keep playing in rain (maybe even darkness). His speech showed the minimal and firm style of communication that enabled him to only […]

Derek Jeter First Yankee Named SI Sportsman of the Year

As if we didn’t already think so, Sports Illustrated today named our Captain, Derek Jeter their 2009 Sportsman of the Year. Jeter is the sportsman of EVERY year, if not the decade. Yet sometimes even us New Yorkers sometimes take him for granted.

Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsman of the Year” now goes on the pile […]

Once in a Lifetime – Mike Blowers Rules

This will never happen again, so it had to be posted. Rachel Maddow walks us through the incredible call.

He wasn’t such a good third baseman for the Yankees, but Blowers is looking like a genius now!


Ernie Harwell's Farewell to Tiger Fans

Even though I have heard the great announcers like Phil Rizzuto, Bill White, Vin Scully, Bob Starr, Bob Murphy and many others, Ernie Harwell makes me wish I grew up in Detroit, going to Tiger Stadium. These announcers were the type to give an opinion even if it was negative, and as a result, […]

Speaking of Purity, Derek Jeter is the All Time Yankee Hit Leader

Another great night in a string of hundreds… congratulations to Derek Jeter!