Hall of Fame Manager Sparky Anderson Battling Dementia

Sparky Anderson with one of the posts he used as strategic hunting blinds in the Tiger Stadium dugout.

Hugh Surratt has informed me that the legendary Sparky Anderson, who won the World Series as manager of the Reds and Tigers, age 75, has been battling dementia, as reported today by the Detroit News. […]

RIP George M. Steinbrenner, III

The last Old Timer's Day at Yankee Stadium II

George Steinbrenner has died. As a fan, I just want to say “thanks for making the Yankees great.” The countless hours spent enjoying the games with friends and family are reflected in my post about Bob Sheppard below.

There are many tributes being written all […]

Bob Sheppard, 1910-2010

Bob Sheppard's booth in Yankee Stadium

The great announcer Bob Sheppard has died, but I hope the “dignity of the Yankees” that Reggie Jackson refers to in the video (below) continues. He was a really great part of being a fan of the team, and as a New Yorker who lived in California for […]

Swag I Have Known #1

Earbender.com introduces a new series with the photo (at right) of a Phillies souvenir I obtained at a game with Jim Nelson and Meiko’s manager Mike Savage in 2008. Loosely entitled “Swag I Have Known,” the series will cull the best of my personal collection of items “curated” through years of being a sports/music/entertainment […]

Hot Stove Begins – Gold Gloves, Yanks Champs Again, Free Agents

Torii "Spider-Man" Hunter TCB for Anaheim in 09

Ryan Zimmerman, Derek Jeter, Mark Teixiera, Torii Hunter, Adam Jones, Evan Longoria — all the players announced so far seem to have a real all-around approach to the game. No Mark Belangers in this list so far!

In other baseball news, the Yankees won the World […]