Internet College Radio in The New York Times

Clever contrast of WFUV's remaining vinyl and net servers

Today’s New York Times features a front-page story about the evolution of non-commercial radio, “College Radio Heads: Off the Dial.” It is a very encouraging article about how many members of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, the organization that guides the building of stations, are now […]

Alice's Restaurant: A Thanksgiving Radio Tradition

Alice's Restaurant (1967 WB Records)

Yet another example of the influence WBAI has had on all radio stations is Arlo Guthrie‘s classic recording “Alice’s Restaurant.” While many in community radio now take the song and its association with Thanksgiving for granted, the song was first performed on WBAI, where reaction led to Arlo recording the […]

WFUV Wore Me Down on Erin McKeown

Erin McKeown

Hey that rhymes! But I actually didn’t know it until this week, when I first heard Darren DeVivo utter the name Erin McKeown on New York’s WFUV. I guess this says a bit about who I hang with and what we talk about, since the Righteous Babe recording artist has been on […]