Fan Interaction with a Frying Pan

Freddy “Freddy Sez” Schuman has died. He was a friend of mine from Yankee Stadium and the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where I would often run into him on the street and share a few words about the team. Obviously, I banged his trademark frying pan sign at the park many times, and once […]

Bob Sheppard, 1910-2010

Bob Sheppard's booth in Yankee Stadium

The great announcer Bob Sheppard has died, but I hope the “dignity of the Yankees” that Reggie Jackson refers to in the video (below) continues. He was a really great part of being a fan of the team, and as a New Yorker who lived in California for […]

Muhammad Ali at Yankee Stadium will be a "Lou Gehrig" moment

Muhammad Ali by his friend Leroy Neiman

Before tonight’s Yankee-Red Sox contest, fans will be treated to an unexpected event – the Yankees will honor humanitarian and boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Ali won a controversial decision against a powerful Ken Norton to defend his title in 1976, and given his recent illness, fans could […]

Opening Night at Yankee Stadium

Thanks to a very rainy nasty day, there were a lot of tickets available for Opening Night at the new Yankee Stadium, and at about 5pm, a free seat came my way. It was not that cold out, and rain or not, how could I miss the first game at the new park, even if […]