Michael Phelps to Get Weedies Deal?

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Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimming champion and Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year 2008, has been photographed smoking marijuana (right).

Michael Phelps Taking an Expensive Hit

Apparently it occurred at the University of South Carolina, where he was visiting friends.  You could say he was a “Game Cock” for a night (of smoking).

While this will cost him millions in endorsement deals, and his career as a spokesman is in jeopardy, it’s possible that he gained a whole new audience yesterday.

Instead of making gratuitous jokes about his predicament, and how he has lost all this money, let’s look at the positives.  He can be a big anti-drug spokesman now, and maybe he will make a big sober comeback.

If not, he can always do the Weedies box.

Breakfast of Rastamen

A lot of folks will make the connection to some other Gold Medalists — the Jamaican track team, including Earbender Sports Personality of the Year, Usain Bolt, and other stars like Veronica Campbell and Shelly Ann Fraser.  Just like Phelps, these folks’ bodies are great examples of training, genetics and an inherent mechanical efficiency.

Based on my knowledge of the Jamaican people, it would be very unlikely that any of the runners from the tiny island smoke.  Sports Illustrated even mentioned a relative of Shelly Ann Fraser was a smoker in their massive article after the Olympic victories, and for what reason?  Personally, I would bet the house that Usain Bolt and the other Jamaican runners don’t smoke.

Good luck with your new career, Michael Phelps.

3 comments to Michael Phelps to Get Weedies Deal?

  • That’s hysterical — great Weedies box — says it all. I am sorry he felt the pressure to apologize for this photo and think it speaks to a larger issue about perception. But — oh well — pro athletes are under so much more pressure than say, Presidents of the United States …

  • man, all that work to become an olympic champion thrown away because phelps was too stupid to not let someone take a picture of him huffing some boo…

    i used to watch “leave it to beaver” and cringe with embarrassment when the beav would get in some wacky sitch… i’m cringing now for phelps….

    — tony

  • I was there and I can honestly say that Phelps did not inhale. I clogged up the bowl before I passed it to him.