Earbender’s 2010 Preview

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Season's Greetings from Sony conclude a decade where the Walkman became an iPod

After almost a month away, Earbender returns! In the next few days, as we catch up, look for a few atypical year/decade in review lists; artifacts from the incredible pilgrimage to Texas to see Willie Nelson and of course, a preview of 2010. Earbender took a few big steps in the past year, as a blog and as a marketing company, and it will be exciting to re-share those moments with any readers still hanging.

I’m very excited to hear the annual inductees of the Baseball Hall of Fame, but there is also anticipation for the naming of the Earbender Sports Personality of the Year. Of course, last year’s recipient, Usain Bolt, would have easily qualified based on his record-breaking heats in Germany over the summer. Our award also recognizes youth and novelty, however, so there can be no repeat winners. Previous honorees include: Usain Bolt (2008); Lewis Hamilton (2007); Drew Brees (2006); Ozzie Guillen (2005).

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