Give Me One Reason by Lee Ritenour featuring Joe Bonamassa

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Lee Ritenour's 6 String Theory

Lee puts it back together by the end of the cd!

Has anybody heard 6 String Theory, the new Lee Ritenour album (at right)?  One of my colleagues on the project, Dave Einstein of the Concord Music Group, is utterly convinced that the track here, “Give Me One Reason,” featuring Joe Bonamassa, is an outright smash, and I tend to agree (even though I’m bad at picking singles). The new Lee Ritenour album, 6 String Theory features the guitarist’s guitarist playing with 19 other virtuosos over 15 cuts.

You may remember that “Give Me One Reason” is a Tracy Chapman song that played a special role in her career – the comeback.  It had been a few years and maybe an album or two since “Fast Car” and “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution.” There may have been a bit of Tracy Chapman backlash… I think she debuted in 1988 and this song is from the mid-90s, so that is a relatively long time between hits. So this is the song did it for her and I think my buddy “Old School” (Ron Stone), who was managing her at the time, relished in her success for this reason especially.

The Lee Ritenour version of “Give Me One Reason” featured on his new album 6 String Theory (Concord Music Group) has some smoking guitar from Lee as well as from his guest vocalist Joe Bonamassa. But as Marty DiBergi once said so immortally in his film Spinal Tap (Polymer Films 1989), “enough of my yakkin, let’s boogie.”

Lee Ritenour f. Joe Bonamassa – Give Me One Reason

For more info about Lee Ritenour’s 6 String Theory, please read on.

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