Fall Out Boy Web Activity Explodes for Release Week

Fall Out Boy and Daredevil

The marketing campaign for Fall Out Boy’s new album Folie a Deux, released this week, is so massive it has even reached my doorstep/email box. I bet the whole thing has been underway for a while, but this week I feel I got crushed.

Something that caught my attention was the Marvel Comics interviewy with Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley, by Ryan Penagos, (@AgentM on Twitter).  Very cool that Andy digs the comics and I really agree with his take that having bands on the soundtracks makes the movies sound dated.

I think the band has to appreciate the nice artwork (above) merging their images with his favorite hero Daredevil’s.

It’s informative and exciting to see such a thorough campaign take place as the one in motion for Fall Out Boy.  A few highlights included the iTunes New Music Update, Live Nation national concert feed from Chicago; Pete Wentz on Howard Stern (always good for a surge in Google ranking) and the Washington Square Park acoustic performance attended by a happy group of fans and covered in the NY Times arts blog.

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