Amazon Debuts Cloud Player for Music

Amazon is first to the cloud

Jon Bon Jovi’s appreciation for album covers and touching the media seem incompatible with this system to say the least. As music enters “the cloud,” it will become completely virtual.

For months, we’ve been hearing about Google’s impending locker service, Apple’s purchase of Lala and other rumors around […]

Summer, Time for the Rolling Stones

Looks the same but doesn't sound the same!

In the past five years or so, as the landscape of the music business has changed, it has been interesting to see how classic artists like the Rolling Stones have responded to the new environment. The way people buy, consume and tell their friends about music has […]

Are's Classics Customer Based?

A different kind of "classic"

Although I realize these suggestions from Amazon are based on my preferences and history, I was really happy to see The Minutemen listed among such artists as John Coltrane, Duke Ellington and Heart. Makes me curious about whether or not this area is adjusted based on your […]