Amazon Debuts Cloud Player for Music

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Amazon Cloud Player Announcement

Amazon is first to the cloud

Jon Bon Jovi’s appreciation for album covers and touching the media seem incompatible with this system to say the least.  As music enters “the cloud,” it will become completely virtual.

For months, we’ve been hearing about Google’s impending locker service, Apple’s purchase of Lala and other rumors around the idea of putting your music “in the cloud.”  Today, Amazon shook the world like Muhammad Ali by DEBUTING their Cloud Music Player service.

“We are excited to introduce Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Cloud Player for Web, and Amazon Cloud Player for Android. Together, these services enable customers to securely store music in the Cloud and play it on any Mac, PC, or Android device wherever they are.”

The idea of a cloud music service is that you store your music online instead of in an external hard drive in your house.  This library is then accessible through mobile devices and the web as mentioned above in Amazon’s pitch to customers.  By offering the technical capability of more memory in a discount deal on music will most definitely get people into the paid tier quickly.

My Willie Nelson files equal about 7 GB, but since I know the man is up for experimentation, I made his catalog the guinea pig.  Willie will be my first artist in space.  It will take about 33 hours to upload approximately 840 songs.  My entire library would take almost three months of continuously uploading files to Amazon.  But once it was up there, the convenience and security might eclipse any lack of sound quality.

The question will be, “What happens when you go through a tunnel or can’t connect to the net?”  Kindle enables people to read books without an internet connection but song files seem too big to be stored locally on devices.

Amazon has once again proven to be the most effortless and speediest interface of the major companies, even with their announcement/launch of the service.  No hype, no to and fro with tech blogs.  That instills confidence in the system protecting our music.  Meanwhile, the amount of data the company has accumulated already, and will further build about our listening habits is astonishing to consider.

And my Willie catalog is almost finished uploading.

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