Amazon Debuts Cloud Player for Music

Amazon is first to the cloud

Jon Bon Jovi’s appreciation for album covers and touching the media seem incompatible with this system to say the least. As music enters “the cloud,” it will become completely virtual.

For months, we’ve been hearing about Google’s impending locker service, Apple’s purchase of Lala and other rumors around […]

Ping! Gets a Bump from The Beatles

Apple's latest iTunes update includes music by the Beatles themselves.

The Beatles‘ music has finally been made available via the iTunes store, and while the music reaching a younger people is important on many levels, financially and culturally the band’s presence coincides with two new iTunes-based services, Ping! and iTunes LP.

Why simply sell […]

Who Has a Perfect iTunes Library?

Another happy customer: Jody Denberg & Apple TV

Someday by the end of the summer, I’m going to have a perfect iTunes libary. When it’s done (again), it will have all the proper art for the albums and no punctuation errors. I would also like to see all the duets consolidated into the main […]

Beatles USB Already Sold Out

The Beatles' Apple-encased USB is one elite tchotchke

Announced just a few days ago, the Beatles USB has already sold out from the Apple (Records) online store. A pretty cute item, it includes all the main albums in their stereo versions, plus the video content from the reissues. Of course, it’s a pretty good […]