Playing for Change: Ruben Rodriguez

Ruben Rodriguez was born in New York City and grew up in East Harlem and Puerto Rico. He has been recognized as one of the best and hardest-working Latin music bass players in the United States. Mr. Rodriguez, who’s father played classical guitar, taught himself the bass in junior high then spent some time under […]

Playing for Change: Mohammed Alidu

Mohammed Alidu was born into the Bizung lineage of talking drum chiefs of Northern Ghana. From the age of three, Alidu’s father taught him the history of his tribe, singing and the language of the talking drum as his ancestors had done before him. In 2004, Alidu spent one year in Madagascar, collaborating with local […]

Playing for Change: Clarence Bekker

Clarence Bekker is a singer/songwriter whom the Columbia Journalism Review recognized as “an astonishing singer from Amsterdam” for his vocal contribution to the Playing for Change version of “Stand By Me.” Now living in Barcelona, Bekker is currently working with a multicultural project, 08001, and collaborating with local DJs.

I like people who smile […]