Specialty Radio Promotion Takes Common Sense and Hard Work

Hipgnosis' faceless promotion man from Pink Floyd/Wish You Were Here.

To do promotion well takes common sense, good taste in music, ability to communicate about it honestly and a strong work ethic. I was recently approached for “advice” on how to work a specialty format, and the opportunity to work as a sub-contractor […]

Happy Birthday Mr. Richards, Your Ngrams Look Good

Google Labs' "ngram viewer" instantly quantifies literary references in its massive digital library

Google Labs recently unveiled Ngrams, a chart that displays the number of times a term has appeared in literature digitized in the Google Books library. Based on their massive collection, the project has produced informative results for Freud, Darwin and other […]

Give Me One Reason by Lee Ritenour featuring Joe Bonamassa

Lee puts it back together by the end of the cd!

Has anybody heard 6 String Theory, the new Lee Ritenour album (at right)? One of my colleagues on the project, Dave Einstein of the Concord Music Group, is utterly convinced that the track here, “Give Me One Reason,” featuring Joe Bonamassa, is an […]

Lee Ritenour's Chops + Social Media = 6 String Theory

It takes many guitars to make a Lee Ritenour album!

“One day, I just had this vision. Maybe it was inspired by YouTube, the way you can spend an hour on there and see clips of every amazing guitar player under the sun. Or maybe it was inspired by the fact that I love […]

Playing for Change in NY

Bushman, John Rosenfelder, Mermans Kenkosenke and Mohammed Alidu backstage at Town Hall NY (Photo by Greg Johnson)

My first encounter with the Playing for Change tour was at Town Hall on October 25. For those in the house, it was a joyous evening of song and positivity. Joining the tour that night was Bushman, […]