Chrysler Pitches Suburbanites with Jay-Z

This excellent commercial just caught my eye but it’s probably been out for months. The announcer growls a spiel about the Chrysler 300 over an instrumental version of “Heart of the City,” one of the most sublime backing tracks ever, as the car makes its way from downtown out to the ‘burbs. Even if Jay-Z […]

SXSW Warp Up

The amount of people and shows is too long to list, but the food is much more manageable – about one per day. It was mostly tex mex on the food front, with not many new places except the oldest place in town, the Hoffbrau. I had chicken and salad as often as possible, much […]

Stern's Sirius XM Decision Imminent

With just a few weeks left on his current Sirius XM contract, Howard Stern is entering a home stretch of star-studded appearances while we await news on the future of the show. He seems to be hinting at staying on satellite radio, but with the rise of internet, mobile and other distribution options, it’s […]

Frank 151 Label Coming in '09, a great hip hop website connected to an even better magazine, will start its own label next year. The debut release will be from U-God of the Wu-Tang Clan, and they have made a mix tape (“Bring Back God”) with previews available for download here. You can also hear the new Jay-Z single released […]