SXSW Warp Up

The amount of people and shows is too long to list, but the food is much more manageable – about one per day. It was mostly tex mex on the food front, with not many new places except the oldest place in town, the Hoffbrau. I had chicken and salad as often as possible, much […]

Billy Bob's Willie Doc "King of Luck" Debuts at SXSW

A star-studded audience turned out for SXSW’s closing night premiere of Billy Bob Thornton’s long-awaited Willie Nelson documentary, The King of Luck. The influential actor and director (as well as leader of the Boxmasters) has assembled a loving tribute that many of us on the inside of the Willie team will be really impressed […]

In Preparation for SXSW

Stu Bergen used to say “poor planning probably produces poor products” (or something like that). Take whatever sayings you can to Texas next week, because good business acumen is dependent on solid fundamentals (carrying a pen, being early, etc.). My personal goals for the week are to promote the projects I’m working, and connect with […]

RIAA Takes on Porn Industry

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) recently filed suit with several porn companies in order to stop the unauthorized use of music in their videos and sites. As much porn as I have seen, I can’t remember any that had a known song in it (I have some known musician friends who have made […]

Technology Converts at SXSW Music 2010, Interactive 2011

Google's impressive booth

It has been almost 4 years since I began my technology conversion with my music promotion consultancy Earbender. By adopting technology in order to communicate more effectively with my traditional sphere of contacts, college and community radio people, the relationships became managed on a public or macro level, therefore creating a […]