Jason Bentley/KCRW on Fire with Tron, Gabriel, Ping

Peter Gabriel Launches Guitar Center's New Platform

This was supposed to be a post about Jason Bentley/KCRW‘s triumphant visit to the San Diego Comic-Con, where the famed dj and record producer spun at a party for Disney’s Tron Legacy, for which production, he also served as music supervisor. Instead, a few days later, I […]

Did PJ Harvey and John Parish win SXSW 2009?

If anyone “won” SXSW, it might have been PJ Harvey and John Parish. For the past few weeks, PJ Harvey and John Parish have taken America’s underground music scene by storm in support of the new album, A Woman A Man Walked By. With just a few performances, the ever-enigmatic Polly Jean lit up this […]