Jody Denberg's Last Waltz on KGSR

Jody Denberg (at right) with KGSR's Andy Langer, Bryan Beck and Susan Castle (l to r)

Next week, when Jody Denberg winds up almost three decades on the radio in Austin, Texas, I’ll be tuned in and you should be too. We all know Austin as one of the premier music cities in the […]

Did PJ Harvey and John Parish win SXSW 2009?

If anyone “won” SXSW, it might have been PJ Harvey and John Parish. For the past few weeks, PJ Harvey and John Parish have taken America’s underground music scene by storm in support of the new album, A Woman A Man Walked By. With just a few performances, the ever-enigmatic Polly Jean lit up this […]

Shawn Sahm on KGSR's SXSW Broadcast

There are many videos and pictures to catalog the week I’ve been having in Austin as a participant in my 17th SXSW music conference, and in the next few days, they will start to appear here. There is just too much to experience, let alone catalog from this massive event, but I will try to […]

New Bob Dylan Album in April

Bob Dylan‘s new album, whose title is still secret, will be released in April, according to Rolling Stone online. A story by our friend David Fricke quotes lyrics about Billy Joe Shaver (as opposed to Alicia Keys) and the article headline refers to the “dark new disc with a bluesy border-town feel.”

The last Dylan […]

KGSR Broadcasts Volume 16

I’m pleased to include KGSR Broadcasts Vol. 16 as one of the first album reviews on (send me yours!) “Broadcasts” is a great example of one of the oldest ideas – live recordings made at and compiled by your local radio station. There are countless versions around the country, but KGSR is a cut […]