Earbender Puzzle #1: Thoughts of Mr. Richards

Say hello to the first earbender puzzle! As a child, word search puzzles were my favorites. It wasn’t until I was a student and record executive that I got serious about puzzles and got busted more than once with either the New York Times or Baseball Digest crossword puzzles.

This puzzle is entitled “Thoughts […]

Muddy Waters Comes to Life in Cadillac Records

The historic meeting of Little Walter and Muddy Waters in Cadillac Records

I’m a big Muddy Waters fan, but having only ever seen him on tv or movies and read about him in books, I was really thrilled to see Jeffrey Wright make come to life in Cadillac Records. The hard part is recreating […]

Happy Birthday Mr. Richards

Mr. Richards in action during the 70s

I am “happy” Keith Richards still walks the earth, and so I wish him a happy 65th birthday along with best wishes for many more trips around the Sun. Can you wish him good health? His regimen involves massive amounts of cigarettes and booze. So let’s wish […]