Keith Richards' "Life" – It's the Song, Not the Singer

Mr. Richards shows his sensitive side in "Life."

Keith Richards, my hero. The songs, the guitars, the money, the girls, the cars, houses in the islands, pharmaceutical-quality drugs in death-defying quantities. Throughout, he keeps writing great songs. He lives a seemingly simple life, with simple chord sequences played better than anyone. To paraphrase Julia […]

Third Reissue of Band on the Run Out 11/2

This epk was taken from an interview by the aforementioned Jody Denberg. When we last left the current fifth Beatle in the last post, he was off to Iceland to help witness the lighting of the Peace Tower and the Reykjavik performance of the Plastic Ono Band. A few months ago, Jody sat for his […]

There is Nothing Like the Grateful Dead in a Museum

Jerry Garcia's guitar at the NY Historical Society's Grateful Dead Exhibit

The Grateful Dead are the subject of a great exhibit at the New York Historical Society that has just been extended to run through September, so I strongly recommend you make the visit. While the NYHS is contained in a relatively small part […]

Iron Man 2's Classic Rock Campaign

Aside from a stand up I saw for Reese’s and a few billboards, it seems like most of the marketing for Iron Man 2 is focused around the music of AC/DC. The movie comes out next Friday, May 7. It seems like the real marketing push has not descended upon us yet. Maybe they are […]

Suzanne Vega and Peter Gabriel Release Cover Albums

Peter Gabriel by Nadav Kandar

The TV shows American Idol and Glee have made cover songs a greater focal point for the music business than ever, even including songwriting-publishing’s peak years in the early recording era. Of course, the histrionics of the Idol contestants and the high school kids of Glee can’t match a real […]