Alex Steinweiss, Inventor of the Modern Album Cover

Just one of countless great covers in this book!

As music has been liberated from vinyl and then cds, the album cover has become a thing of the past. While the net is a visual medium, and art is critical to the experience, regardless of the topic, the process of listening to music and […]

David Williams, Guitarist with Michael Jackson, Madonna

David Williams at the Malibu Film Festival, courtesy of the Williams Family

I was sorry to read the news about David Williams this morning in the NY Post (“Madge Guitarist’s Grim Death”). According to the Post, the lifelong sideman with some of the top names in the business died without health insurance, at Sentara […]

Music Taste vs. SAT Scores Shows USA's Decline

Digital researcher Virgil Griffith has struck gold with a simple formula that correlates your taste in music with SAT scores. According to the site Digital Inspiration, Griffith took data from facebook, including what college people went to and what their favorite bands were, and plotted them on a graph (seen below). The SAT scores used […]