Beatles USB Already Sold Out

The Beatles' Apple-encased USB is one elite tchotchke

Announced just a few days ago, the Beatles USB has already sold out from the Apple (Records) online store. A pretty cute item, it includes all the main albums in their stereo versions, plus the video content from the reissues. Of course, it’s a pretty good […]

Kurt Cobain Didn't Want to Be a Guitar Hero

I never saw Kurt Cobain on stage without a guitar, or pieces of one.

I wrote a post yesterday in reaction to the Guitar Hero clip but since it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, I felt I needed to share my feelings in greater detail. This is such a horrendous […]

The Stones are Laying Low this Week

But they did manage to get another commerce-based blast off about their disgusting and overpriced swag. Who buys this stuff?


Big Mouth (Courtney Love) Strikes Again

Ironically, a huge story about my Beatles, Nirvana, and another video game, Guitar Hero 5, broke this afternoon. In the latest Activision title, the brooding Generation X spokesman, Kurt Cobain, was turned into front man for Bon Jovi, Public Enemy and many others through obnoxious use of technology and rights secured from his estate.


Beatles Ringo and Paul Reunite, Announce Reissues

Apple Records Newsletter includes photos of the packages for Abbey Road and Sergeant Pepper.

Apple Records announced today their plan to reissue the music of The Beatles, coincidentally (?) occurring just as the news of Paul and Ringo’s New York concert appearance was reaching the world.

To summarize,

the albums will include […]