TheNewNo2 hits New York

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TheNewNo2 Live in Brooklyn

After years of anticipation, TheNewNo2 arrived in New York yesterday with a great show at Brooklyn’s Union Hall.  What a great place for a debut, with a great crowd of local indie rock fans (i.e., under 30) who filled the room with enthusiasm for the band lead by Dhani Harrison.  With help from the legendary road manager and soundman Chris “Hoover” Rankin, the band worked their way through a set of about 10 songs that blended rock with the Bristol influence of Portishead, Tricky and Massive Attack.

It’s not easy to do what Dhani is attempting, and to try to forge a new style of music incorporating his own classic rock background (he made a lot of music with his father George, who also taught him how to play guitar and work a big studio before he passed in 2001) with his own favorite music from the 90s, makes it a lot tougher.

After a tentative start, the band hit its stride after two or three songs with a heavy cut that recalled “All Mine” by Portishead.  Dhani’s singing got more assured over the course of this song and the set lifted from “show me something” to “they are rocking.”  Unfortunately, the legendary David Peel was incessantly taking pictures in front of me, about four rows back from the stage.  (Note to Peel: I was the one yelling in your ear to put your fucking camera away and stop being a distraction).

TheNewNo2 perform “Out of Mind”

TheNewNo2 did a very good show considering their inexperience.  At one point, with three guitars, bass, drum and various synthesizers, samplers and sequencers (probably all one unit by now but I’m old), along with their charismatic frontman, I got the feeling they could conquer any live situation, any radio format and take great pictures along the way.  See for yourself when TheNewNo2 appear on Conan O’Brien tonight.

It’s hard to ignore that Dhani is the scion of one of the best musicians the world has known, his pop George Harrison.  He looks like him, sounds a lot like him singing, and his guitar playing is excellent when turned loose.  Unlike George, Dhani is working the crowd energetically, dancing and being “lead singer.”  All  TheNewNo2 has to do is keep on working.  They have a new recording out, on a futuristic “slotdrive” that you should purchase immediately.

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