Fistful of Mercy's Debut Video

What more do you need to launch a band these days than a fresh video? It pays to have a name too, and in this case Fistful of Mercy is rolling with three. Ben Harper, Joseph Arthur and Dhani Harrison have teamed to make at least one song so far (also titled “Fistful of Mercy.” […]

2010 will be the Year of TheNewNo2

TheNewNo2’s “Yomp” from their debut album “You Are Here”

In the midst of all this classic rock madness, a great new band has come to the fore to seize on the massive Beatles publicity, and it is our friends thenewno2, lead by Dhani Harrison.

After a deliberately long incubation, including a look at the […]

09/09/09: "Phony Beatlemania Has Bitten the Dust"

The Beatles: Rock Band

Beatles fans have Rock Band to thank for creating the massive cash incentive for the band and label to agree to cds reissues. The settlement over the name Apple between the Beatles and the computer company was the first big legal step in making this historic day happen. And Rock Band’s […]

TheNewNo2 hits New York

TheNewNo2 Live in Brooklyn

After years of anticipation, TheNewNo2 arrived in New York yesterday with a great show at Brooklyn’s Union Hall. What a great place for a debut, with a great crowd of local indie rock fans (i.e., under 30) who filled the room with enthusiasm for the band lead by Dhani Harrison. […]