Ping! Gets a Bump from The Beatles

Apple's latest iTunes update includes music by the Beatles themselves.

The Beatles‘ music has finally been made available via the iTunes store, and while the music reaching a younger people is important on many levels, financially and culturally the band’s presence coincides with two new iTunes-based services, Ping! and iTunes LP.

Why simply sell […]

Justin Bond: "What a Bastard the World Is"

Tonight in Brooklyn, the legendary Plastic Ono Band will reassemble for a rare performance paying tribute to Yoko Ono’s music through the years. For those under 40, The Plastic Ono Band was John Lennon‘s first solo project outside the Beatles, and were his support group in Toronto for the Rock and Roll Revival, his […]

Paul McCartney "I've Got a Feeling" Live in NYC

Here’s a bit of flavor from the new Paul McCartney live album “Good Evening New York City,” filmed/recorded at CitiField in Flushing last summer. It was a great show and I have heard from several of my people that the recording quality is outstanding. The music/performance were pretty excellent from my cheap seats next to […]

Beatles USB Already Sold Out

The Beatles' Apple-encased USB is one elite tchotchke

Announced just a few days ago, the Beatles USB has already sold out from the Apple (Records) online store. A pretty cute item, it includes all the main albums in their stereo versions, plus the video content from the reissues. Of course, it’s a pretty good […]

Paul McCartney's Good Evening New York City (Live at CitiField) Out 11/17

One of the highlights of the summer was seeing Sir Paul McCartney at the Mets’ new pad, CitiField, especially considering how ugly the building and the team are! On November 17, Concord Music will be releasing a live album documenting the event at CitiField, and his entire blitz of New York last summer, including his […]