Beatles USB Already Sold Out

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The Beatles Apple-encased USB

The Beatles' Apple-encased USB is one elite tchotchke

Announced just a few days ago, the Beatles USB has already sold out from the Apple (Records) online store. A pretty cute item, it includes all the main albums in their stereo versions, plus the video content from the reissues. Of course, it’s a pretty good little paperweight once you have done transferring the music to your devices.

According to the announcement, only 30,000 were made in a limited edition. After over-estimating sales on the video game, the Apple folks might be a bit cautious on new configurations for their classic material. There is definitely no plan in place to release the music through iTunes, but it’s rumored John Lennon’s catalog will follow George Harrison‘s solo records on to iTunes next year as part of a 70th birthday reissue program.

If you hadn’t already bought the reissues in September, this might make a nice item. It’s absolutely a great gift – except that most people have some or all of these albums already… is this item designed for young (under 50) people? I was happy to give the video game a try a few days before it came out, but my Beatles nostalgia is not on anyone’s clock. I’ll hit them when I feel like it (almost every day).

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