Plastic Ono Band Preview with NYLON TV

Yoko Ono’s forthcoming Plastic Ono Band album got a nice preview from NYLON TV, speaking of grabbing eyeballs to promote a new release. Watch at the end for an interview with Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon.

Incidentally, the Electronic Music Foundation is presenting a performance of Yoko Ono’s “Secret Piece” near Washington Square on […]

John Lennon was a Waylon Jennings Fan

I mentioned to a few people that if John Lennon were still living on the upper west side, I would have invited him to the earbender meet up, to help pump up the Waylon Jennings vibe. Someone (thankfully) asked me what the connection between the Beatle and the outlaw country icon was, and I […]

Beatles Reissues on Ice, NY Times Lashes Out

As if it were one last kick in the gut to the music business before another terrible year comes to an end, the NY Times today published an interesting but uninformative story about the delays in the Beatles’ digital and sonically enhanced cd reissues. Apparently there is an issue that EMI and the band’s company […]