Rosenfelder Index for Super Bowl XLIV 2nd Qtr.

The sum for the second quarter is at the Bottom of the following table.

Under “type,” the key is: A – Apparel; C – Communications; T – Transportation; B – Beverage; S – Snack food; E – Entertainment; I – In House



Rosenfelder Index Measures Super Bowl XLIV Ads

The Rosenfelder Index is the amount it would cost to purchase one of everything advertised during the Super Bowl. Repeats count twice – after all the advertisers paid more for the extra spots. My friend Jim Dunbar, the esteemed music supervisor and a&r man, and I had the idea in the late 90s to quantify […]

The Who to Perform at Super Bowl XLIV

The Who were announced as half time entertainment for the Super Bowl this week, as initial marketing for the February 7 contest began in earnest. While there may be product promotions in motion already, the announcement of The Who is different since music represents content. The logo for Super Bowl was probably announced last year.