Super Bowl XLV Ads by Sector

The lack of precision on pricing (apparently beer is a lot more expensive than I thought) makes it difficult to compare years, but I believe the sector breakdown is just as telling as the total price. The tech community will laud the increased presence of web-based services on the Super Bowl, but I am concerned […]

Rosenfelder Index Measures Super Bowl XLIV Ads

The Rosenfelder Index is the amount it would cost to purchase one of everything advertised during the Super Bowl. Repeats count twice – after all the advertisers paid more for the extra spots. My friend Jim Dunbar, the esteemed music supervisor and a&r man, and I had the idea in the late 90s to quantify […]

The Rosenfelder Index – Super Bowl XLIII Results

Super Bowl XLIII was one of the best games ever

The Rosenfelder Index is defined as the price to purchase one unit of everything advertised during the Super Bowl, including repeats. If something is advertised four times, I put it in four times. That way the Index reflects the effectiveness of repetition and the […]