Citibank to Sell EMI to UMG and Sony

"Electric & Musical Industries Ltd"

After many years of speculation, one of the oldest music companies, EMI will finally be broken up in Citibank’s imminent sale of its recording and publishing businesses to Universal and Sony.

It is a sad day for the music business, as we know what happens when Universal takes over […]

RIAA Takes on Porn Industry

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) recently filed suit with several porn companies in order to stop the unauthorized use of music in their videos and sites. As much porn as I have seen, I can’t remember any that had a known song in it (I have some known musician friends who have made […]

Obama on Intellectual Property at US Export Conference

Music, which has fueled a generation’s adoption of the internet (through Napster) and created the market for the handheld computer (iPod/iPhone), now deserves a chance to be nourished back to health by technology. As a longtime employee of major labels, member of NARAS, RIAA, etc., I am biased. But clearly, if there were less piracy […]